The President is not doing enough

Welcome everyone to our newly designed website and we will keep on informing and reporting the truth without any fear and favour…Our old website or blog which was about 8 years could no longer handle a large volume of data and we suffer a number of attacks from online hackers for speaking the truth.

We were forced to rebuild it from scratch tighten our security. The same with our country, it needs to be rebuild or…We have been facing serious challenges as a country and it is a serious challenge to see our country being driven on autopilot. We have seen democratically elected Presidents have been recalled. Someone is on the edge of been recall or this ship (country) is sinking.

Our President Cyril Ramaphosa is not doing enough to save the collapsing economy. The President should open the economy to normal we have learned to leave with Covid19 and we will overcome it as we have done to apartheid and HIV/AIDS which killed in this country. Or this country’s economy will bleed to the ground and will never recover again.

Those R350 are not enough to make changes that will help to feed someone for the whole month, pay bills and plan for the future. Mr. President, people need jobs not to be some charity case. Can someone survive on R350 a month, musa kudlala ngabantu (don’t make jokes with the people).

I don’t think President Ramaphosa is doing enough to save our country, I think Luthuli House should recall him with immediate effect or he will cost the ANC votes. The ANC should focus on rebuilding itself and forget about useless internal battles because it will bleed to death if it does not regroup.

 President can’t keep his promises!!! Where are the millions of jobs he promised the people instead of more than a million jobs lost? Where are the bullet trains because now we have no trains from most townships because of vandalism on infrastructure since he took over? Where is the R84 billion Smart City that President promises us?

Mr. President, we know you can’t keep promises, some people are even thinking of calling consumer SABC programme Speak Out to intervene because they have been waiting long for the R350’s.

If the President is truly fighting corruption I urge him to unseal the CR17 bank statements. I am 100 percent sure that if the CR17 bank statements are unsealed they will reveal more corrupt elements that is why they are protected by all means.

The captain can no longer handle the waves he should be recalled before their ship hit the rocks.

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